oPhysics: Interactive Physics Simulations

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Buoyancy simulation. Use the sliders to adjust the density of the fluid, the density of the object, and the viscosity of the fluid. Press the "Run" button to start or resume the animation, the "Pause" button to pause the animation, and the "Reset" button to reset the simulation to its initial values. Sliders can be adjusted as the animation runs.
Fluid Dynamics and the Bernoulli Equation

This is a simulation made to help students get an understanding of the Bernoulli equation for flowing fluids. This is a simulation of an incompressible fluid flowing from left to right through a pipe. In the simulation you can adjust the height, pressure, velocity, and radius of the pipe for the fluid flowing in the left side of the pipe. You can also adjust the height and radius of the right side of the pipe. The velocity and the pressure in the right side of the pipe can be calculated using the Bernoulli equation. After they have been calculated, they answers can be checked by marking the checkbox in the top right corner of the simulation.